My last weekend at home was actually not spent at home. Maureen and I decided to take a little vacation to Cape Cod. We wanted to go last summer, but never got around to it so this summer it was on our to-do list. Because I had to cut that short July 6th was the only weekend that really worked. Maureen took off Friday so we could leave early and head down to beat the traffic. It worked for the most part, but we got stuck in maybe 15 minutes worth of traffic right outside the tunnels in Boston. Which in my opinion is really not that bad considering. Once we finally made it to the Cape we got settled in, made a grocery list and hit the grocery store. We stocked up on snacks and food for out meals. We didn’t want to eat out while we were there to save some money and I think we did a pretty good job!! After getting back to the condo we decided to walk around Osterville and explore a little, there wasn’t much to see but we spent about an hour just wandering in and out of stores. We had two options for beaches we could go to. One where we could walk, and one a little farther away that we could drive to. After a delish dinner of chicken and lots of pasta salad we decided that before we fell victim to a food coma we would walk to the beach. It ended up taking us about 15/20 minutes and it wasn’t a bad walk at all. After our sunset beach walk we rented a movie and passed out from exhaustion.


Saturday we had breakfast plans with my roommate Erin! The night before we decided we would have Erin drop us off at the beach and then we would walk home so we didn’t have to do toooooo much walking. Well when we got up and checked the weather our plans changed mighty quick. It was supposed to rain in the afternoon around 2pm and we did not want to get stuck walking about in the rain and possible thunder. So after catching up with Erin we decided to drive to the driveable beach so at least we could stick it out in my car if need be. We got to the beach around 10:30 and by noon it was raining. We refused to leave the beach because we had just paid 20 dollars for parking. So for the next 45 minutes we stuck it out while it rained, then passed, then rained again and finally started raining harder. We gave up along with a bunch of other people and headed back to the condo. What else is there to do on a rainy day than go to the movies? Which is exactly what we did, we drove to Hyannis to visit the tourist shops on the lookout for some decently priced jewelery. After accomplishing our jewelery journey we headed to the mall where we gawked over male stripper in the movie Magic Mike. To be honest I had high hopes for this movie and it let me down. Don’t get me wrong it was good, but the ending sucked and it could have been better.


Sunday morning we packed and cleaned the condo to the best of our ability before eating a small breakfast and hitting the road home. Maureen’s dad was having a birthday so we wanted to get home early so she could spend the day with him. Overall it was a great weekend away and I wish we could do it again, I guess there is always next year!

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