As promised..

Here is the update, on July 1st (my dad’s 46th birthday) I spent the day at the Portsmouth airshow. I had never been to this event, but in the past my grandfather, dad, and brothers attended. This year; one brother, my dad, my grandfather, and myself went. It was a HOT day, but we all managed to bring and drink plenty of water, I made sure of it. We spent the first part of our day going in and out of planes exploring, it was so interesting and I really enjoyed seeing all the different types of planes as well as what they did. Unfortunately we also ran into some annoying children/parents while we waited. Around 3pm the main attraction came when the cool planes came out to fly. First up was a girl who stands on the wing while the plane flies around the air. After they were done the Blue Angels flew around for a good half hour. The show was REALLY cool and it amazes me the precision you must have to be able to pull off these tricks. These guys are amazing pilots!! When we got home we had a cookout to celebrate dad’s birthday and some cake. It was the perfect ending to a fun day out.

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