Friday marked the end of week three for bootcamp and boy was it a doosey. The instructor decided we would do three different tabatas to celebrate three weeks. Ohhhh how I love tabatas (and that is full sarcasm). So Friday we did a tabata where we did a squat, came up with a hammer curl and up into a shoulder press. I started with my heavier weights and boy were my shoulders burning. For our second tabata we did low planks to high planks, these were a little better than the first tabata, but about halfway through I had to go from my toes to my knees. Our last tabata was a squat with a quick foot shuffle, meaning we would squat with all pressure on one foot and with the other step in and out quickly. Boy were my thighs burning after that. Although I hate getting up at 5am four days a week, I love how I feel after and when I return to school I will really miss bootcamp.


Next week is my last week at camp, I am still deciding whether I want to do another session or not since I will be leaving half way through that session to go back to school. Next Friday we are having fitness testing and I am hoping to improve on my stats from two weeks ago, I may have to practice up at some point next week!


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