I wish I could say that I have beenextremely busy and that is the reason behind neglecting the blog. That would be a lie. I do absolutely nothing all day long so there is nothing to fill you in on. I do however lie around in my bed until one of my parents calls me and asks me to run an errand for them. My life revolves around thinking about reorganizing my room, actually attempting to do it, reading book after book after book, and then sleeping.


Even though this week seemed to go by soooo slow there was actually a lot a good amount I accomplished. I got a new tire, brought my car to get some work done, brought my car to get inspected, got my car registered, got more work done on it, and finally today got it back. I am proud to say I paid for about half off the work, inspection, tire, and registration. Makes me feel good and makes me feel a little more broke. Oh well, the real world is quickly approaching and a car will be the least of my payment worries.


I also started a DIY project that I have been wanting to do for a couple of years now. A t-shirt quilt! I convinced Maureen to help me because she has been sewing forever now. I sorted my t-shirts and ultimately decided on a college t-shirt quilt. I had a lot of left over t-shirts though and if this runs smoothly maybe I will make one with all my shirts from high school! The quilt won’t be too big, but it won’t be too small either, just a bit bigger than a lap quilt. Overall there will be 12 t-shirts used and I am really excited to see how it will turn out. Hopefully I can finish it before I go back to school!


Other than that I am working on the weekends and trying to do something with my life. Thank gosh next week starts the official summer season at the campground and I can finally work full-time. I need to moolah and fast considering I don’t have a job from the middle of July until September.


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