day 2

Today marked day 2 of bootcamp. I love being back even though I am getting my BUTT kicked! It feels good to sweat so much, gross I know. For the past three years during the first week (usually the first day) I end up feeling like I cannot walk up the stairs. Yesterday after class I was feeling good, my abs were sore, but that was what I felt the most. Well little did I know today would be the day that I wouldn’t be able to walk. After walking like a duck and multiple lunges I was struggling a little bit today. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!


Today also marked training day at work. Year 6 and I still go to the same training year after year after year. We started out the morning hanging out going over the usual. We learned how to clean the pools, then we went on a hike up Mt. Mary. I was huffing and puffing and those legs were aching. When we got to the top we took a break to admire the view and then headed down the backside which is a little less steep. After the hike was lunch, my boss ordered pizza and it was soooooo good!! After lunch there was a small rain shower that we waited out. When the rain past we hopped in the brand new kayaks and headed for a quick trip to the marina. Lacey was working so it was nice to get to see her for a little while.


Because I am only going to be around for a little while this summer my schedule is a little sporadic. Fortunately I will be able to get a good amount of hours and hopefully make some money. It will be an interesting summer so we will see how it ends up.


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