alllll by myselfffff

I am all by myself at school. I have been pulling my hair out because of this boredom. Tuesday I went to Target and Marshalls just to get out of my room. I bought a cutting board with two knives, they aren’t that awesome though. At Target I got two movies; Something Borrowed and Crazy Stupid Love. I also got my new all time favorite ice cream, white chocolate raspberry truffle.


Yesterday I went to the movies by myself, yes you read that right. All by myself. It felt weird to walk into the movie theater by myself, but I survived. I went to a 1pm showing so it was cheaper and there would be fewer people there! I saw The 5 Year Engagement and it was great, I really enjoyed it. There were about 10 other people in the theater so it wasn’t totally awkward that I was by myself.


Tonight I am on duty and then tomorrow will be spent cleaning and packing up my life. Friday I have plans to go to my uncles and drop off a box and babysit. Saturday is senior closing and then Sunday I make my way home!! I cannot wait to be home and actually doing something with my life! The day I get home I start boot camp, and work the next day. I am really looking forward to being home and I feel like I haven’t been home in SO long.


3 thoughts on “alllll by myselfffff

  1. Yeah, I know that weird feeling. I still haven’t been to a movie alone yet. I keep meaning to go when I want to see something, but then I forget about it. See you on Sunday! XXXXXX000000

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