Intermural Soccer

In my three years at Loyola I have not played one intermural sport, that is until last Tuesday night. Around 8pm a resident knocked on my door and asked me to play on their soccer team. SAY WHATTTTT? Usually I am in my pajamas and ready to crash at that point (ya I’m a crazy college student, I know) but I had a meeting so I wasn’t. I tried to use that as my excuse, because really who plays soccer after 9pm? Oh this team does, their game wasn’t until 10:40pm. I told them I would play as their last resort, because by 10:40 I am definitely in my pajamas.


At 10:15pm (yes PM I still can’t believe it either, and I thought the gym closed at 11pm) I laced up my sneaks and headed out. Five of my residents were on the team and could actually play so we set out for the FAC. On the way to the FAC we all chatted and it turns out one of my residents has a house in Conway. Better yet on Stark Road so we bonded over the fact that I know exactly where she lives and we made plans to get together and go on a hike up Foss Mountain this summer.


I dubbed myself the sub and didn’t play right away, I ended up only playing about 10 minutes (if that) of the whole game, but it ended up being really fun. I thought I would dread it, but it made me really miss soccer. Especially the teammates I actually liked (ehm Nicole). I have barely touched a soccer ball since senior year in high school and I really miss the sport. I think I am going to try to coerce my residents next year into making a team! In other news, Thomas and Michael arrive later today and are here for the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Intermural Soccer

  1. Yeah for you playing!!!! It’s too bad that you can’t do Spring soccer here at home and coach again like you did that one year. Have fun w/ the boys.

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