Like I said last week, I ran finished another 5k! On Good Friday my mother, father, two brothers, and I got in the car and headed to the race. Thomas planned to run, Michael was iffy about how he would finish as was I, and my mom was going to walk. Dad didn’t want to participate.

We started out and Thomas was up front with the lead guy. Go figure the kid has legs that never end. He ended up coming in 2nd place running it in 21 minutes. The guy that beat him was 35 years old, and apparently runs marathons so good work Thomas!

Michael ran the first mile then walked a mile and a half and ran the last half a mile. So proud of that guy!

I had not run in a while so I was mildly out of shape. I ran the first mile and tried to catch up with Michael, but no such luck. After I walked up the largest hill known to man I started running again andfinally caught up to Michael to walk with him. We walked together for a while and then I decided I needed to pick it up. I ended up finishing this 5k 4 minutes slower than the first time I ran one, but I did walk a good portion of this race so that is expected.

At the end of the race we all enjoyed a couple of slices of pizza and some beverages. I am going to try to run some races once I get home in May and June, so we will see where I go from there.


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