Good Friday

Today is Good Friday which means CHURCH and a long car ride yesterday! Yesterday I drove from school to my grandmother’s house in CT for Easter weekend. I am lucky enough to attend a catholic university so we get a little extra time off for this special holiday. After 6 hours in the car yesterday I was exhausted and lounged around for the afternoon/night.  Not only is today a holy day, but today is the day I shall run my second 5k! I have been running a lot since the weather got nice in Baltimore so I have run this length since my first 5k, but this will be my official second 5k. A family friend is hosting a 5k that I decided I should take advantage of as I am in the area for it. All I had to do was pay 20$ for pizza, water, and beer after along with some of the money going to the American Cancer Society! So that should be a good time, my sibs and my mother are also going to run so it should be an even better time! I am hoping to beat my first 5k time (which was 30 minutes) so hopefully I can do it. I will post on Monday with an update of the run and Easter! Happy Easter to everyone!!!



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