Flops in the Kitchen

I feel like with everyone one recipe I succeed with, I have two that fail. Because this blog isn’t about being prefect, example A (and for a flashback example B) I am going to share some of my flops with you guys. For Christmas Erin gave me a donut pan, so last month I decided to try it out. I searched the internet for the perfect recipe and thought I had found it. I wanted to go the healthier route so I decided on Blueberry Pomegranate Donuts. I needed a recipe that called for baked donuts, so I thought this would be great. Nope, I am not sure what I did wrong, but the donut felt and looked spongy. Not the good kind of spongy though, and at this moment I really wish I had a picture to show. I couldn’t even taste the pomegranate, so I probably should have added more, but wasn’t thinking about it at the time. To say the least I wasn’t pleased and I am still on the search for the perfect donut recipe. I would really like to make blueberry cake donuts or just a chocolate glazed donut so we will see where I end up.


Salmon. For some reason salmon has been on sale at the grocery store every time I go. I love salmon so every time I get some thinking it won’t be on sale the next time. Now that I eat it on the reg, or just usually on Fridays I have tried it a couple of different ways. While I was abroad I made it for Erin and I and it was delicious, it was a brown sugar mustard rub and I will need to make that again. Not every recipe has turned out as well as that one though. The recipe that I must have messed up the most was Almond Crusted Pomegranate salmon. Or I am just an idiot and I don’t actually like pomegranate, but I think I do. I really liked the texture and taste of the almond crusting, but wasn’t a fan of the pomegranate. Okay I actually just came to the realization, pomegranate is not for me (although I did really like my pomegranate infused martini). The second one was Pan Roasted Salmon, I know this one I actually messed up. I will be trying it again, but with less cumin and less pepper. It felt like all I was eating was pepper so that recipe definitely needs a do over because I know it could taste delicious with some toned down flavors.


Even though I have had some flops in the kitchen, I refuse to give up. I mean I am only 21 years old so if I gave up now, life would suck from now on in the kitchen. I do have some more successful recipes to share with you guys and I hope to keep experimenting in the kitchen. If you have any good suggestions throw them my way!!



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