The Decision is….

I am dropping my intermediate 2 accounting class. I took my second exam yesterday and my teacher graded it last night. Today I met with him and we discussed my options again. After thinking about it and looking at everything realistically we decided this would be the best decision for myself.

I registered to take Auditing in the summer,  last week so now I will have to register to take intermediate 2 as well. So I will be taking two classes!

From July 16th-August 23rd I will be living in Baltimore. Because I am an RA next year we have to move back to school two weeks early anyways I will already be here at school so that is a plus. Seems weird to think that After July 16th the next time I will be home for a good chunk of time is at Christmas next year. WOW that’s pretty crazy, and then after that who knows what will be happening, but I am not getting WAY to far ahead of myself.

So as of right now those are my plans, I am hoping that only having two classes to focus on will help me tremendously the second time I take this class.


4 thoughts on “The Decision is….

  1. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knows? You might even enjoy the summer scene in Baltimore! Ya never know what the future holds in store for you. Good decision, btw. Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXX0000000000

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