14 years ago today, I got a little brother! Today Thomas turns the big 1-4. I can remember when I turned 14 and it seems SO long ago. It seems unbelievable that next year my wittle brother will be a big bad freshman. ahhh its so weird! Here is a slideshow of his life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. Thanks again Katherine for a beautiful drip down memory lane!!!! Poppy and I made a mad dash to NH to take care of you kids while Mom & Dad were in the hospital! And to think Poppy did it during tax season AND at this point during tax season!!!!! What a great big sister you are!!!! Love ya XXXXXXXXXX0000000000

  2. Katherine, what a BEAUTIFUL tribute! What a beautiful gift to your siblings. Both this and Elizabeth’s “lifetime”slideshows are just wonderful – I can’t say it enough. You certainly touched me…. And, of course, made me a little teary-eyed! Boy, I love that 8-31-05 photo of your siblings in front of the car – so precious! And the one right after it, with Michael and Thomas, just adorable. Well, they’re all adorable. Anyway, good job big sister – your siblings are very lucky to have such a loving sister! love you, Aunt Robin

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