So if you have been following for a while, last year I went through a stunt where this was a food blog. That lasted about two weeks until I could no longer afford to randomly buy fun things and try cooking with them. I have a page on the blog designated solely for the recipes I have tried. Recently I have been trying to get a little creative with my dinners, I was getting bored quickly.

I have had a few good dinners, and a couple of flops too. I plan on sharing these throughout the next month. My most recent dinner that I want to make again is Coconut Crusted Chicken Tenders. OH MY LANTA they were so good. I am currently on a coconut kick and putting coconut of everything or in everything just sounds so good me.

Get ready for some recipes coming atch ya’. I have a few salmon recipes, some dessert recipes, a few chicken recipes and maybe a few others thrown in there. Hope you are hungry!!!


One thought on “Food

  1. How about coconut shrimp????? It’s super delicious. Have a dunking sauce with it – like honey, peach, apricot. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

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