pet peeves

Recently I have been thinking a lot about things that get under my skin. I swear I am not an irrational person. Cleaning…seriously it is not that hard. You have one responsibility all work; not cleaning the living room is ridiculous. It is the easiest room to clean. As well as leaving dirty dishes in the sink for days upon days when we have a rule that all dishes get washed at the end of the night. How about putting away dishes, but not putting them in the right place? Take two extra minutes to put them in the correct spot, it makes all our lives easier.

Phones. Everyone has them, not everyone needs to know every single second you get a text message. PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT, or vibrate if you are going to take care of it the minute it start vibrating. I do not want to be sitting in my room trying to do homework and every five seconds hearing a phone go off ALL THE WAY IN THE LIVING ROOM!

The bathroom. I am not sure why four girls are going through so much toilet paper, but we are. When you are done with a roll, PUT A NEW ONE ON. Once again not that hard. And why don’t you once and a while, buy some toilet paper or for that matter any cleaning supplies we need. Three of us should not be held responsible for buying everything, it is not okay.

The morning. If people are sleeping, do not turn on all the lights. ITS RUDE. Do not leave the door open. ITS RUDE. Spending 25 minutes in the bathroom when three other people are trying to get ready. RUDE.

But I swear I am a completely normal person, with completely realistic standards.


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