Registration Day

Everyone wants to pull their hair out the day they have to register for classes. Last week I registered for the last fall semester I will have at Loyola. The thought of it makes me shudder, one more registration time and then its done. I cannot believe how fast my time here in Baltimore has flown by, but that is beside the point. Because I went abroad this past fall my transcript from Newcastle had not arrived yet even though we have all our grades. This meant after I registered for the three class I could register for I had to visit the academic advising and support center. I waited two minutes before I was helped and then ended up being in and out within five minutes. The only class I didn’t get that I wanted was my business ethics class. I wanted to take it on Tuesday/Thursday at 4:30-5:45pm. I didn’t realize that one of my accounting classes also had a lab that went with it and just happened to be at the same time. Bummer now I have classes on Fridays. Other than that everything went smoothly. My schedule looks a little like this:

PL310.01, McAleer

AC311.01, Sedeghat
AC412.02, Keeling

IS453.01, Hoadley
AC421.01, Michenzi
AC310.01, Sedeghat

Next semester I am taking Cost, Audit, and Tax Accounting. I said in a post on Monday how I am going to be taking Audit in the summer so I will need to switch out of that class and into another, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to take so I just registered for it. The last two classes I am taking are Information Systems (for my minor) and Business Ethics as I said before.


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