It takes a lot for me to admit to this, but I am failing a class. This is completely unlike me and I am so disappointed in myself. I also feel like I am disappointing those who care the most about me as well. Not only am I failing a class, but it happens to be one of the most important classes for my major. Without this class I cannot move on and will be stuck and confused. Although I am failing I am not the only one in my class.


I have though considered all my options. I have two options basically; withdraw and receive a W then retake the class, or risk getting a horrible grade. I met with my teacher last week to see where I am at. Basically we are currently 1/4 of the way through the points we can earn for the semester. So I do have time to improve, but how much I can improve is the question. My teacher basically told me that I may end with a C-. I will not be happy with that grade and have decided the first step of what I want to do.


We have another test on March 29th (the day before we can drop classes) and I am going to stick with the class until then. After I find out what I receive on the second test I will make the ultimate decision. I currently am planning on take one summer class, an Audit class. I got permission from the head of the accounting department to cancel the prereq of Intermediate 2. So if I end up dropping the class I am currently in I will be able to take both at the same time.


This in the end will lighten my load a little bit next semester as I already have to take two other accounting classes! Well there you have it, one of my biggest fears happening. I never thought I would fail a class or even come close to it, but it happened.


4 thoughts on “Failing

  1. I failed differential equations because I didn’t withdraw then got a d when I retook the class the d didn’t transfer and I ended up taking it a third time! Hang in there it sounds like you are on the right track.

  2. Well, this shows you are human like the rest of us! I think you’ve made the correct decision, so far. Getting a W is a good idea and sets you up for a better grade, rather than being pulled down by a poor grade! When I realized how colleges deal with courses now, I didn’t think it was the best way of scheduling things. Now I’m positive I’m right! Hang in there and never give up!!! You’re on the right track and you CAN do it! Love ya lots & lots!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXX000000000000

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