a long day

Yesterday seemed like the longest day of my life! I woke up at 7:30am, but because of daylight savings it was actually 6:30am. Boy I haven’t been up that early in a longgggg time. I left CT around 8:30 to head back to school. I made great timing and was back at school by mid afternoon.

After unpacking all my stuff, and reorganizing my life it was time for a trip to the grocery store! I am trying to meal plan for the next three weeks. This trip was all about getting the ingredients I needed for the things I wanted to make. I got everything, but forgot a sweet potato…whoops looks like I will be headed back to the grocery store soon.

After spending two hours on the couch watching tv with my roommates my lack of sleep finally caught up to me. I headed to bed around 10pm and read for 20 minutes before passing out. When my alarm went off at 8:00am this morning I was inno way ready to climb out and get ready for class.

Whats on my plate tonight? Classes from 4:30-7:45pm then the final episode of the bachelor. Thank god, I do not like Ben as a bachelor, but I cannot wait until Emily’s season starting soon. Big decisions to make about classes so that is what I will be doing as well. Can I just go back and start freshman year over again?


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