busy busy busy

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day running errands, but it was very productive! I woke up early to hopefully avoid long lines at the DMV, mission accomplished. I was in the DMV for probably 15 minutes in total and left with a temporary license and a new one to come in the mail. WAHOOO FOR BEING 21!

After the DMV I got a phone call from the dentist saying they had an opening today and could take me today instead of tomorrow, another score! Off to the dentist I went and got my teeth cleaned. They told me I will probably have to have my wisdom teeth pulled because they are coming in crooked and there is not enough space in my mouth for them. Yikes, not looking forward to that, but I would rather do that than mess up my teeth.

Since the DMV is near a cute store for gifts I hopped over to get Mary a birthday gift, I got part of it and hope she likes it. I made sure to park my car near the crepe restaurant so I could head there after to get something to eat because I wasstarving. I ended up getting a crepe filled with cream cheese and salmon it was awesomeeeeee. The owner was so nice and I will definitely be going back at some point. On the way home I made a pit stop to DD’s and the gas station to fillerup.

As well as accomplishing most things on my bucket list I leave you with a little something that has graced the facebook world today. I think this is a great cause and I have listened to this group of people speak multiple times and they are moving. I also am going to link up a blog that is not totally for them and I will let you decide for yourself how you feel.



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