I actually feel like i just wrote this post. I mean I guess it makes sense, with February being the shortest month and all, but still I can’t believe it. The past weekend has been extremely busy with flying home, getting in the car & driving to Vermont. I will fill you all in on how Vermont is going, but for today a review of my goals and this past month!

My 2012 Resolutions:

  • Get ripped in better shape: Maybe some trips to the gym with my gym buddies Taylor, Jenn, and Kat as well as some outdoor runs and eating better (although who am I kidding the Towson Diner will still be a recurring thing)
  • Run more races: I see some 5ks, maybe some 10ks, and a 20k (ahem Uncle Danny – Labor Day) in my future
  • Start studying for the CPA exam: First step…buying the book.
  • Get a 3.0 for the semester
  • Keep the blog going: because even though I disappear sometimes, I really do love blogging as well as reading all the blogs I do
  • Learn to be a good RA

Recap of Resolutions:

  • Yet again the gym has fallen to the wayside because of my busy schedule last month, hopefully this month will lead to more gym time! I plan on bringing my weights and yoga mat back to school so even if I can’t make it to the gym at least I can get a quick workout dvd in!!
  • I haven’t run any road races yet, still a little cold out. I plan on signing up for a 5k and maybe a 10k during April! We will see how that ends up.
  • Still haven’t taken a step towards studying for the CPA exam, I have put that on hold for now. I decided to wait until middle of next year to really start. I have learned more about it though and I plan on doing a review course (kind of like an SAT course) to prepare myself.
  • This past semester in Newcastle I did just that 🙂 We haven’t gotten our official transcripts yet, but my GPA for the semester was a 3.1 which raises my overall GPA up to a 3.0 I believe. I am very happy, but with the way this semester is going with one class in particular I think it may just fall below again unfortunately.
  • Well the posts were a little sparse in the beginning towards the end of the month I picked it up bit and had a good amount of posts, hoping to keep that up throughout March.
  • Learn to be a good RA – I like to believe I have learned how to and now its all about putting my skills to the test. So far so good I think. I am looking forward to next year and being able to branch out on my own a little and have a good handle on things so when I get busy I don’t let things fall to the end.

Well there you have it a review of my resolutions, some I did well on. Others not so much. A post about Vermont will come, I promise!!


One thought on “WOW

  1. You are one busy lady!!!!!!! Don’t forget to “take time and smell the roses” as you roll along. Enjoy VT – Okemo is a nice area….wish I could get there myself!!! XXXXXXXX00000000

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