its that time of the year again

SPRING BREAK! Oh spring break 2012 how I have been waiting for you, thank you for finally arriving. Being an RA we are responsible for opening and closing the dorms during holidays. Because I didn’t want to cut my Easter break short or my spring break I decided to close spring break. So today I am responsible (along with a couple other RA’s) for double locking all the resident hall rooms. I don’t have my car on campus yet so I had to book a flight home. Of course the cheapest flight is at 9:10pm though, what ever I am saving over $100 so sacrificing a day in the airport will have to do. I will land in Portland around 10:45pm and then make the venture home. Home Sweet Home, it will feel nice. I plan on spending my spring break eating out with all my favorite people, maybe seeing some friends if I am not to lazy, skiing a lot, reading, and basically doing nothing. I think that sounds good, I will however be crying everyday thinking about how I am not spending this spring break the way I did last year, or traveling around Europe.


I hope to have some posts during my break because let’s be real, I will have nothing to do that would get in the way. I plan on reading like its my job, so does anyone have any good book suggestions? I am currently reading Love The One You’re With by Emily Griffin although I feel there is a good chance I will finish it today in the airport.


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