my job

I haven’t really talked about my role as an RA on here much, mostly because I haven’t been around. I am trying more to be around though, have you noticed? Anyways being an RA has been quite the adventure. Nothing to extreme has happened to me and even if it had I wouldn’t be able to share. The one aspect I love about the job is working as a team. I live in a building with 9 floors and 2 RA’s on each floor. Every night at least two RA’s are on duty from 8pm-8am. On the weekends this changes to 3 RA’s. We only end up having to be on duty about three-four times a month which isn’t bad at all. I haven’t had to document anyone yet either, knock on wood that it doesn’t happen soon. When the time comes I know I am going to feel horrible for doing it even though it is my job and if the students are being written up it is because they did something that is against the rules.

All of my residents on my floor are awesome. I know almost everyone’s names, at least the people who come to floor events. I have enjoyed making bulletin boards and planning floor events for my residents as well. I have some good ideas for this month coming up and I hope they work out well. I have even started brainstorming for next year.

Oh yeah I am going to be an RA next year too! I will be living in the same building I did freshman year except two floors down. I am looking forward to it SO much!!!! I am also living semi close to all my friends so that is a nice aspect. Some of my friends are even on the same staff as I am so I think it will be a lot of fun.

Overall everything has been running smoothly. I have a lot of meetings to go to, at least two a week, but I am managing. It’s all about time management right?


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