The Vow

SPOILER ALERTS!!!!This past weekend I took a trip to the movies with Erin, Mary, and Taylor. We all were dying to see The Vow after all of the commercials. It was not as perfect as I thought it would be, but really what is.

I had heard a rumor that the ending was horrible, but in my opinion I liked it. I enjoyed a movie that didn’t have the perfect happy ending. The ending was happy, but it showed how things are a progression. Things don’t just happen over night and I thought it was nice a movie showed that for once.

I do wish the movie had spent a little more time on the relationship after the couple started over, but beggers can’t be choosers. I love true stories and this movie was no different. It is amazing what happens, and what can come of accidents that do happen.

I could never imagine something like that happening to me and I would hope my husband would do the same for me that this women’s husband did for her.


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