The Hunger Games

I know I am behind on the whole Hunger Games obsession, but boy am I glad I caught on. THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME! During Christmas vacation I read the first book and it took me maybe two days, I got sucked in and couldn’t stop reading. I held off on the second book until I had more time to spare. Once I started the second I read it every single second I had free during my day, that includes a trip to the gym that was spent on the elliptical. The third book took me a little longer, but got through it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I would recommend these books to anyone, I actually told my roommate she had to read them and she has finished all three within a week. If you have not read these books I suggest you read them now. Seriously put down what ever you are doing, get to the book store and start reading.

If that doesn’t convince you maybe this will…


One thought on “The Hunger Games

  1. Just got the trilogy on my Kindle last nite!!!!! I intend to begin sometime today and plan to spend ALL day Sunday (since we have a storm coming) reading!!!! Can hardly wait to start. XXXXXXXX00000000

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