Holy Smokes its February!

I cannot believe yesterday marked the first day of February! It seems like just yesterday I was at home, going to work everyday thinking about how soon I would have to go back to school. Well I am back at school and have been for about month now. So much has been going on and I have been a stressed out mess. This would be why my posts have been sporadic, if you could even say that. In lieu of the new month I am reviewing my 2012 resolutions.

My 2012 Resolutions:

* Get ripped in better shape: Maybe some trips to the gym with my gym buddies Taylor, Jenn, and Kat as well as some outdoor runs and eating better (although who am I kidding the Towson Diner will still be a recurring thing)
* Run more races: I see some 5ks, maybe some 10ks, and a 20k (ahem Uncle Danny – Labor Day) in my future
* Start studying for the CPA exam: First step…buying the book.
* Get a 3.0 for the semester
* Keep the blog going: because even though I disappear sometimes, I really do love blogging as well as reading all the blogs I do
* Learn to be a good RA
Goal #1: Oh the gym, how I love to hate you. I wrote a post last week about how I have been dedicating three days a week to the gym. HA that didn’t last long after the post, I seemed to jinx myself. I was doing well with trips to the gym and then life just seemed to get in the way. I hate how people always say it is easy to fit in at least 30 minutes a day for the gym. It is not as a simple as that. My days are consumed with classes, homework, meetings, RA duties, trying to find an internship, making sure I eat three meals a day (although that rarely happens) and sometimes fitting the gym in comes last on my list. I am hoping to actually schedule it into my days for the next couple of weeks, but I am not promising anything. Oh and I have only visited the Towson Diner once, thats good for a month right? 😉

Goal #2: Even though the weather is nice, I haven’t had a chance to run a race yet. I am in the process of looking up races and so on, but yet again life is getting in the way. Once the spring time really hits I am hoping to find some more.

Goal #3: Well I asked for the books for my birthday, that is a start to studying. I haven’t actually started yet, but I will. Yet again, trying to get an internship so the prospect of sitting for the exam is even viable.

Goal #4: I just started the semester so I have no basis for judging the goal. Hopefully by the end of the semester it will be correct!

Goal #5: Well clearly I haven’t been very good at this one. I want to try to dedicate more time to the blog and hopefully it will continue to grow.

Goal #6: I believe in this aspect I am trying the hardest I can. I haven’t learned all my residents names, but I am getting there. When I see them around I say hi, I continually harass them with emails (all important though) and am available for a good chunk of time.

As I review my goals I realize that they are not short-term goals. These are goals that I will need to continually work on throughout the semester to help them come true. Some of them are things I will work on everyday and can easily see improvements, others not so much.


2 thoughts on “Holy Smokes its February!

  1. Hi Katherine –
    I’ve been meaning to call you re your review books. Do you want me to send you a check for them or shall I charge them someway? I’ve also thought of something that I want to run by your Mom re your 5th year…really hate to see you postpone that Masters. I’d run it by you first but I’m not sure about this and Johnnie is going to check on something for me too. I’ll keep you posted on whatever it is (No, I’m not paying for your 5th yr.!).
    Love ya lots & lots, Grammy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0000000000000000000000

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