feb. 22nd

On February 22nd I will turn 21. The only thing I am asking for is this:

If I buy all of these myself the total is around 200$, if one family member each buys them they end up equaling about 30-35$. These will benefit my life tremendously. Think about it.



One thought on “feb. 22nd

  1. Shouldn’t you wait until next year, or the year after, to get them? Poppy got his books by writing to the ASCPA in NY – well, he got copies of past tests to study from. Perhaps those “older methods” have been replaced by these new reviews. Either way, Poppy would want you to have the proper study materials and I will give you ALL those books for your birthday. I know he’d like that!

    Meanwhile, please reconsider taking that 5th year!!!! It can only help you and you’ll be in a much better chance of getting a good job with better pay!!!!!

    Love ya lots & lots, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX00000000000000000000000000000

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