The Bachelor Season 16

I am a huge fan of the bachelor. I know you are all judging me now, but I’m over it. Since I finally have hulu back (they don’t have it in England) I can start watching all my shows again. On Monday the 16th season of the bachelor premiered. I just got around to watching it and wow this season looks like its going to be a doosey.

Some of those girls were so freakin’ weird. I was a little confused when I saw the grandma walk out the door of the limo but thought it was a good strategy when she introduced her granddaughter. I love love love the horseback riding girl, she seems fairly genuine and she even got the first impression rose. The blogger Jenna….she cries too much, we do not need your drama. The model seems like the biggest biotch everrrrrrr and I dislike her immensely. Other than that I am not quite sure how I feel about the others.

The previews for the rest of the season seem absolutely ridiculous and I cannot wait to plant my butt in front of the TV every Monday night. I hope you don’t mind Erin, Mary, and Vanessa! I can’t wait until the last episode, but its going to be crazy.

PS on a totally unrelated note, there may be some changes happening throughout the blog soon so keep your eyes open!!


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