I finallllly had a day off, after 9 days working in a row. Don’t you fret though, I will be back to work tomorrow morning! So for my day off you would think I slept in and did nothing allllll day long. NOPE WRONG! This morning I was up bright dark and early at 6:15am. I promised Maureen I would go to the doctors with her this morning since no one else could. We had to leave at 7am as her appointment was about an hour away and was at 8am. We got there with three minutes to spare and actually only ended up being there for 15. After we were both starving and there was a dunks right down the road. We made it home around 9:45am and right after that Carol called.

We had made plans last week to go out to sushi for lunch. While I waited for Carol I started knitting a headband. I have started this headband about 6 times and taken it out each time because I keep messing up the heart design I am trying to do. I made my own design and just finished the first heart correctly. I decided I didn’t like the way it looked and now will just have one heart on it. Hopefully on my next try it will come out nicer!

Around 11:30am Carol picked me up and we were headed up town. I had been dreaming about a pair of shoes all week and requested a stop to my favorite store, TJ Maxx. This shoes are God’s gift to earth, just kidding, but they are pretty darn close. When I showed my dad he just shook his head, he has no fashion sense….SORRY IF YOU ARE READING THIS DAD!

After TJ Maxx we were starving so we headed to a local restaurant to get our sushi fix. After taking at least 20 minutes to decide what we wanted we ended up getting 4 rolls to share. We got an eel dragon roll and that was my favorite of the bunch. I usually leave a sushi place feeling overly full and uncomfortable. Today I ate just the right amount and left feeling satisfied.

When I got home it was back to work on my headband, while I waited to hear what going on with my car. All of the things they thought might be wrong aren’t and I’m just waiting for it to be fixed. Tomorrow I will be dropped off and picked up at work by my dad, I feel like I am 15 again….its awkward.


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