A day in the life of a ski instructor

My life for the past 9 days has consisted of work. Same time every day. I get up around 7:15; get ready, make my lunch, bother my parents for 10 minutes, either get in my car and pick up Maureen or wait for Maureen to get to my house then off to work we go. We usually arrive around 8ish, drop our stuff in the ski school building then its coffee time. One perk of being an employee is free coffee and hot chocolate. Recently I get french vanilla coffee with hot chocolate…..soooo yummmmmmy!!!

After getting our coffee we make our way back over to the building where we chat it up with everyone as we get our stuff on. At 9am we are on the hill for a clinic. A lot of the stuff is refresher, but there is always room to improve so I like to hear all different aspects of how people believe a beginner lesson should be taught.

At 10am we have line up. This is where we are instructed to a designated area. Most times I am sent to the knee hi area – an area where I will spend 1 1/2 hours with 4-8 year olds. If not I am sent to the private lessons lines where I have a one on one lesson with someone. If I am sent to knee hi I could find myself in one of three places; the carpet, the rope tow, or the mountain. Many times I will get an option of where I want to be, recently I like to stay on the carpet.

At 11:30am it is finally lunch time. I grab a quick lunch and chat it up with everyone inside again. At noon its back outside for line up again and everything is repeated.

Around the time of 2 or 3:30 (depending on if I had a 2 o’clock lesson) I get to go home. I am usually exhausted by then and crash the minute I get home. One would wonder why I am so tired, but picking up children all day is tiring. You would also think these kids aren’t that heavy…WRONG….these kids are dead weight. It is like as soon as they put on skis their ability to move on their own disappears. Then the next day is a repeat of the one before.


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