Christmas with the Welch’s

This Christmas was no different from any of the previous, maybe other than the fact that my dad had to leave in the middle of opening presents to go to a fire….oh the life of a firefighter. Anywhooooo Christmas was just as eventful as previous years and just the years before I was more than pleased with all the gifts I received and am so thankful.

This past week when I was at my grandmothers we went to BOB’S aka one of my favorite stores and I found a new pair of running sneakers! If you have been following the blog for a while then you would have seen my christmas list and known that sneakers is something I had asked for. My mom said she still needed some christmas gifts for me so I decided this was the perfect opportunity. Well come christmas morning I was handed an oddly shaped present by Michael. On the present it said to Katherine from Mom, weird I thought and I opened it. Well there was one sneaker, interesting a few minutes later another weird shaped present this time from Dad. Oh there is the other sneaker, clever parents. I am so excited to use my new sneakers, it has been fairly warm here, but by the time I get out of work I am exhausted and don’t make it anywhere but the couch where I pass out until dinner time.

My sneakers were not the only present I received off of my christmas list; I also got decorating tips from my grandmother (THANKS GRAMMMMMY!!!), a donut pan from Erin (THANKS ERIN), and a new pair of snowpants a couple of days late. All of the presents I received that weren’t on my list were totally me. In the sense that I loved everything and there were nothing that wasn’t something I will use. It is funny because when Elizabeth and I were opening presents we each received a couple of the same things, but catered to our likings. For example our aunt gave us both earrings. She gave me a glitzy gold pair, but they were glitzy in a simple way and totally me. Elizabeth got a pair that was more her style in the fact that they were more flashy and not simple one bit.

Other than gifts Christmas was awesome. We always open gifts at our house in the morning and then venture to my grandparents directly after for brunch and more gifts. My grandmother always makes a ton  of food. Seriously she could feed an army. She made crepes to remind me of Paris and they even had salmon in them. They were soooo good! As well as the crepes we had egg pies per usual, coffee cake, and a new hash brown bake which was really good. Because my dad’s siblings live so far away in Alaska they always ship their gifts to my grandparents and we get to open them there, which is a nice tradition. My aunt Jan makes jewelery and made my sister and I fun ski earrings which I plan to wear to work one day this week, as well as the snowman earrings from last christmas.

Our other traditions involve dinner at our house around 5pm. This year it was me who did all the baking for after Christmas dinner and believe it or not we didn’t even touch the cookies. My mom had an Oreo tart that one of her students made and between that and the peppermint trifle I made we were stuffed. The cookies are just now starting to disappear. Other than that our Christmas was spent just the way it should be, lots of family time and fooling around with all our new gifts (Michael and Thomas’ nerf guns have been used a lot). And I am fairly certain every single person in my family hates when I take pictures…..OVER ITTTTT!!!

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One thought on “Christmas with the Welch’s

  1. Love the pix K!!!!! Thanks for the picture of Mom opening my “special” present. I love the expression on her face!!!!!! Now to get all 4 kids (mine) to wear them at the same time and take a group picture!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya lots & lots

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