So far it is only 1pm and I have accomplished quite a bit, the only thing I didn’t get accomplished was taking my nap. I am exhuasted, but for some reason my body just didn’t want to sleep, I guess that means more coffee for me. The yummmy kind of coffee too, white chocolate raspberry iced coffee…LITERALLY SO good!!!! THANKS MOMMMMMMM!

Onto the things I have accomplished, so like I said in my post yesterday I got a lot of baking done, and the same went for today. Today after breakfast I got busy baking cookies! I made plain sugar cookies and then right after they came out of the oven I put candy cane herseys kisses on top. I made sure to make myself a large cookie, it contained three hersey kisses 😉 After making those I made peanut butter blossoms. I realized as I was baking that I was making my cookie balls to big before they went into the oven resulting in extremely large cookies. So when I made the peanut butter blossoms I made the balls a little smaller and they look like normal sized cookies.

As my cookies were in the oven cooking I got started wrapping all my gifts. After having been gone for three months and collecting souvenirs everywhere I went I had a lot to wrap. I wrapped my presents about the same way a three year old would if they were wrapping, but I could care less. I cannot wait to see the look on my dad’s face when he opens one of his presents from me. I know I will get a good chuckle out of him. Here are some old Christmas photos through the years…enjoy!!!

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And apparently we stopped taking pictures at Christmas time in 2003. Also on another totally unrelated note, does anyone else always type over when they mean to type oven? Every time I type it my finger automatically goes to the r instead of the n. Now I am off to church for Christmas eve mass and I wish I could just be wearing my onsie because it is sooooo cold out.


One thought on “CHRISTMAS EVE!!!

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS KATHERINE!!!!!!!! Party was a big success last night! The filet was perfect and extremely tender!!! Barb’s Cheesy Pots were a big hit also (as always). I’m off to Mass soon myself (Peggy & Russell will be there too) and then it’s onto Gerry’s with leftover beef and salmon from last night. George will supply the rest. Don’t forget to take a picture of Mom when she opens her “special” present from me!!!!

    Talk to you tomorrow sometime!!!!!!! Love ya lots & lots XXXXXXXXXX0000000000

    PS Loved the pictures you posted. Brings back sooooo many memories!!!

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