christmas foooooooood

So if you don’t know all ready I am a little obsessed with food and sometimes like to call myself a foodie. As I was baking up a storm today it brought back memories from when I was younger. I would go to my grandparents house for a whole day to bake tons and I mean tons of cookies. If there is a type of christmas cookie you can bet we made it that day. It usually wasn’t super close to christmas that we would start making these cookies because we would freeze them until the time came to eat them.

For the past three years each time around christmas I house sit for a family friend. This specific friend just rebuilt her house a mere four years ago and it has the best kitchen in the entire world. Every time I house sit I make sure to take advantage of this and try out new recipes or just cook anything. The past two years I have had two friends come over and we do a cookie swap or something to that effect. This year we were all busy at different times and couldn’t get our acts together so I baked by myself. And I loved having this HUGE kitchen all to myself. I turned on ABC Family (lame I know) and watched christmas movies all day long!

My mom brought over all the supplies and I got to work. I had one dessert I really wanted to make and that was a peppermint trifle. After giving up my year-long hiatus from foodgawker I ventured back to the website during a study break a couple of weeks ago and haven’t looked back since. I found this awesome trifle recipe on this blog and knew I needed to make it immediately. I am a lover of all thing peppermint so I knew it was right up my ally! Unfortunately if I made this trifle today it would be soggy…eww…by Sunday which would be no good, so I prepped for the assembly that will take place Sunday afternoon, brownies and pudding are made!

Next on my list was the cookie dough my mom brought over. She brought me sugar cookie dough with crushed up candy canes in it….omgggggoshhhh just the thought of these cookies made me extremely excited. To make these cookies even more amazing, when they came out of the oven I put candy cane hersey kisses on top. I cannot wait to dig into these on christmas night, it is taking every will power I have not to dig in right now!

No pictures for the post, I forgot my camera at home! I still have at least two more batches of cookies to make and a yummy appetizer, so look for those next!!


3 thoughts on “christmas foooooooood

  1. wish I could taste some of that!!!!! Sounds delish!!!! I just seasoned my filet for tonight and don’t have to do anything cooking wise until later this afternoon. Have fun baking!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXX00000000

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