how i’ve spent the past week

The library is basically where I have spent the past week of my life. I get up in the morning get a coffee and park myself at a table for the remainder of the day. If I am lucky I might leave half way through the day to get some lunch or an afternoon snack. I have finished two papers in one day, which is a huge accomplishment. I only had two hundred more words to write on paper and needed 1400 more on another. But still I finished the first draft of each. One is due on Friday the other in January, but I am trying to get all my stuff done before I leave. Currently I am posted up with this book.

This is how I really feel about the book though-

And I am dressed like this because apparently this school thinks having the library temperature at -5 degrees

Adios from the library.


One thought on “how i’ve spent the past week

  1. hope you’ll be warmer at my house when you get here!!!!! I’ll have the gas stove in the FR crankin’!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya soon! XXXXXXXX00000000

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