A Panic Attack and Neon Paint

Last Wednesday I spent the entire day in the library, and this is not a joke. I woke up around 9:00, took a shower, went into town to get a bagel and coffee, and was at the library before 9:45am. I think I deserve a prize for that dedication. I don’t have classes on Wednesday’s I figured I should get work done (all the papers I need to write). So from 9:45-4:30pm my time was spent in the library working away on my theology, business, and philosophy papers. To say my brain was mush after was an understatement. I originally had plans to go back to the library after dinner, but I couldn’t even contemplate that without my head spinning so I decided to stay in the comforts of my bed room.

On Monday I had seen a video, and heard about a party going on in the student union on Wednesday night and originally had wanted to go. After the day I had in the library my body didn’t want to do anything, but lay in bed watching movies. UNTILLL my roommate came in and asked if I wanted to go. I realized I don’t have much time left in Newcastle and I should be taking every opportunity I can do spend time with the people I won’t get to see next semester. So I bought my  3 pound ticket and started planning my outfit. I convinced Jenn and Taylor to come (and Jenn convinced Ty) so there were going to be a bunch of us.

IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT BY THINGS…DON’T READ! I decide that this was the perfect time to switch my nose stud to the hoop I had bought the week before. I always thought it would be cool to have a hoop in my nose, but don’t think I can pull it off well. So I tried to change my nose stud and couldn’t get anything back in. I started sweating intensely and was having a mild panic attack. I plan to take my nose stud out for good before graduation next year so I was sad that I may have to cut my time short with it. After trying 50 times to get a normal stud in when I couldn’t get the hoop in I dropped one down the sink. After I cried thought of ways around this dilemma for five minutes I decided to straighten the hoop and put it in that way. Finally it slid through with no problems and I was now a person with a hoop in their nose. Don’t worry, it’s not a bull ring. And I promise to take it out the day after Christmas. My thoughts now are it will be cool to have a hoop in my nose for Christmas pictures one year. Even though in 20 years I am sure I will be looking at the pictures thinking, what I was a thinking then.

Back to the UV party – we got to the student union around 11:30 expecting it to be packed and it was dead. At the bar you could be served within two minutes, which is kind of unheard of in the union. The area where paint was being thrown was small so we made our way over to get right up front. Hannah and I got right up to the front and were splattered with paint in no time. It was a fun experience and I am glad I took the time to put down the books and actually go out for once. And of course we went to McDonalds for a late night snack!

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