Oh Christmas Tree…Oh Christmas Tree

So you know how two weeks ago it was Jenna’s birthday and how we went to the awesome sushi place, Yo Sushi? Well last Monday a fellow hound posted on another hounds wall about a Christmas special at the sushi place. When I saw the pictures I knew I needed to have it, and I knew Jenn needed to experience it with me.So after my class on Tuesday I walked to the sushi place and waiting for about 10 minutes for them to finish making the tree. Yes that’s right I said tree, the sushi is laid out in a tree formation in a tree take away box. Oh my god all the sushi was delicious, and the last time we went I wanted crunchy prawn and couldn’t have it because they had run out. Well in this sushi box there was not one, but five crunchy prawns – and it was better than I ever expected! My mind was thinking bigger than my stomach and I told Jenn I would not be sharing I would be eating it by myself. After about 9-10 sushi pieces I changed my mind and Jenn was more than happy to help me out by eating the rest. Everything in the box was really good and the price was perfect. I am hoping to get this again before I leave, can you say sushi overload….over it!!

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