yo sushi


So remember how last week it was Jenna’s birthday? Remember how I said we were going out for dinner? Well we went to Yo Sushi, this sushi place in the mall. The cool thing about this place is that the sushi comes on a conveyor belt and when you see something you want you just take it off. Each plate has a different price (based on color) and at the end of your meal they charge you for your plates. It adds up quickly, but if you choose wisely you can get some good things.

I ended up getting four plates and each plate had two pieces. The first plate consisted of a salmon roll with avocado which ended up being my last plate as well. My second plate was a salmon dragon roll which had crab and avocado in it. THAT WAS MY FAVORITE! My third plate was a chicken tempura roll, which was okay, but not my overall favorite. I think we decided to go back on Monday because it is a discounted price on plates. I have found my love of sushi and I am never going back. I have upgraded from my California and cucumber roll. Since mom and dad are NOT I repeat NOT a fan of fish I have coerced Carol into going to sushi with me when I get back. If you are reading this Carol the minute I get home we can set a date!


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