say it ain’t so

I only have two weeks left in this country. HOLY MOLEY I can’t believe its over already! I have lots on my plate before I leave including final essays, buying a suitcase, saying goodbyes, eating at all my favorite places one last time, my last trip to the gym, packing, and so much more.

Hell week has started, or rather started last week and is a continuation of weeks. Five 2000 word essays is a lot to try and finish before I depart, but that is my goal. Alone with trying to put a dent in my 10 page immersion project that is due 30 days after I get home.

Overall this trip has been all that I could have asked for. It has sparked my adventure for travel and hope one day I will be able to do this all again.


2 thoughts on “say it ain’t so

  1. And I thought washing my curtains and windows in the LR, DR, and my bedroom was a lot for today!!!!! Whew! Glad I don’t have your schedule!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!

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