I have big news!

About two weeks ago I received an email from someone in the student life office at Loyola about being an RA. Last year I applied just to see, I have considered it, but knew I wanted to go abroad and didn’t know if I would be able to have this experience as well as being an RA. I made a bulletin board, practiced interview questions, peed my pants with nervousness, and had an interview where I was told I wouldn’t hear anything back until October. OCTOBER, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. That is what was going through my brain at the time. Then October came and went and still nothing. I figured they had decided who they wanted as RA’s in the spring and clearly I wasn’t their choice. Then back up to two weeks ago and I recieved an email asking if I was still interested.

Of course I was still interested, but I had already made a promise to live with Erin and Mary so I need to sort that our first. I hadn’t heard back from student life and didn’t know when I actually would until a couple of days ago. I was ready to go to bed, lights off, door locked and decided to check my email. I saw an email with the guys name who had originally sent me the email and I froze. As I opened the email I could only read the first sentence before I was sprinting into Erin’s room to tell her the news. I HAD BEEN OFFERED AN RA POSITION IN THE SPRING!!!

After shaking for about 5 minutes I made it back to my room to read the rest of the email. I had been offered a spot on the floor I lived on last year, Ad Infinitum. Currently my friend Emily Anne is the RA and she lives with my roommate Liz and they are both going abroad in the spring. I was extremely excited, I enjoyed living on that floor, met a lot of great people, and finally decided how I wanted to get involved on campus.

Of course the thought that I will be a horrible RA continues to run through my mind each and every day, but I am getting over that. I am also a little nervous about the fact that this floor has lived with two RA’s the entire semester and one is leaving and a new one is coming in. They are already going to have a relationship with the other RA and I hope I can form just as good a relationship with them. For now I am just waiting for the emails to continue to find out when I move in, when training will be and so. Also I get to live with Mary and Erin still so I am extra excited!!


One thought on “I have big news!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great news! You are going to be a fab RA!!!! Don’t worry about a thing. Everything will work out well. It has already since you’ll be living with Erin and Mary! WOW, what a great way to begin a new semester back at Loyola!!!!!

    Enjoy your last couple of weeks at Newcastle. See you soon! Love ya lots & lots!!!!

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