I thought Friday was Bad…

…but Sunday was much worse! Our morning started a little rocky, and by that I mean our alarms didn’t go off. Since we flew into an airport on the outskirts of Brussels we needed to leave extra early to give our selves enough time. As I was lying in bed deciding whether I wanted to get up or not I realized I never switched my clocks to Belgium time, they were still on England time. In a panic I reached over to get Annie’s phone and saw 9:30am. I screamed (some profanity) and woke up Erin. We were suppose to leave Annie’s huis at 9:30am and be on our way to the train station for our 10:07 train.

We shoved all of our stuff in our bags, woke up Cristina and headed for the train station. We were walking extremely fast and at a couple of points were even running. I ran into the ticket office to check which platform our train was on and we booked it to the platform. Thank god it was the first platform because we made it on the train with 2 minutes to spare. That was cutting it just a little close for me. After taking off all of our layers because we were sweating we replayed our night and looked at all of our pictures while we laughed. The train ride was about 20 minutes to our station where we would catch the bus to the airport.

Once we got to the train station we asked a woman at the information desk where our bus would be leaving. Apparently she didn’t understand (even though she spoke clear English) and gave us the wrong direction. We finalllllly made it to where the bus was and realized we had missed it by 20 minutes, bummer because we could have been on time had she given us correct directions. After about five minutes a women came up and asked us about buses. She talked to Erin for the most part and kind of freaked us out when she told us she thought our bus was not heading for the airport, but the town with the same name. After a little discussion we decided it would be safer to spend an extra 13 euro to get on another bus that goes directly to the airport.We walked over to where that bus was waiting and got lucky that one was waiting. Around 12 we were on a bus on our way to the airport. At 12:45 we were pulling and thankful we had made it with plenty of time for our 2:35 flight.

We got our passports check, through security, through duty-free where I bought two containers of Speculoos, and a ton of chocolate, got lunch, had my bag weighed (I was under by 1.15 kilograms), another passport check and to a line for 10 minutes before we could board. We were so far back that we didn’t think we would be able to all sit together, but we ended up finding a row of three and getting to sit together. Within five minutes we were all asleep and stayed that way until we landed.

When we got through customs in Manchester we still had a little over an hour until our train was leaving so we found a cute cafe to just chill out in. I ended up getting a hot chocolate and a bagel with cream cheese and salmon as my snack. As soon as our train arrived we were more than willing to get on it and sit in a comfy seat (or as comfortable as they can be). All three of us sat together even though our tickets weren’t that way, we only had one time when Erin almost had to move but the women said she would just sit in Erin’s seat. Cristina ended up having to move because the women’s seat she was sitting in was with four other people sitting across from us. I ended up finishing a book I bought on my Kindle and then just chatting with Erin for the last hour of our trip. We arrived in Newcastle around 7:30pm (with an hour time change) and took the metro to our apartments. It was a long day by any means and we were fully exhausted when we got home.

Instead of working on my paper like I should have I watched Jackass with three of my roommates. That was about the dumbest/funniest movie ever though. I don’t know who would actually go see it in theaters though. Tomorrow…Belgium in pictures!


One thought on “I thought Friday was Bad…

  1. Oh Katherine! What an exciting, wonderful weekend you had!!!!!!! Glad you got to see the peeing boy!!!!z — that is from Doll trying to stand on the keyboard!!! She says “hi”! Can hardly wait to see you & talk to you about all these wonderful experiences! Love ya lots & lots XXXXXX000000

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