Peeing boy

Our original start time was 9am, when I woke up at 8:30 I knew that was not happening. Around 10am someone came in and stated we would be leaving around 11am. We had big goals for the day, but knew our late start would probably cut those goals short. Originally we wanted to hit up the Stella factory before we got on a train to go to Brussels, that did not happen. We did make it to Brussels and get to see a good amount of things. We stumbled upon a little market where I got my secret Santa a gift that I am really excited about! After that we headed towards the famous square with all the gorgeous buildings and a museum. I even saw a bride taking pictures. One of the boys who was visiting had already been to Brussels earlier in the semester and lead us down a side street to get lunch. At first I was a little angry because we ended up going into a restaurant that had a menu that looked expensive. It ended up being 12 euro for an appetizer, main dish, dessert, and a drink. For my appetizer I got garlic shrimp, a main I got salmon (go figure), and for dessert everyone got a waffle with caramelized sugar. The portions were small, but that is typical for the price we paid. The meal ended up being good and I was pleased with our decision.

After lunch we wandered to the famous bar Delirium. Took a look downstairs in amazement at how much beer there was then left. We were on a mission to find the peeing boy. There is a statue in Brussels of a peeing boy, we had heard the statue was small, but it was even smaller than expected. Next to the statue was a sign for 1 euro waffles, I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave this area without getting one. Since I started traveling on Friday I knew I wanted a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. I did better and got that PLUS chocolate! It was the best waffle I ate the entire time and it was worth the money. I ended up breaking my fork in three places making it impossible to use and ended up having to eat it with my hands. This made for a very dirty time. After the statue we made our way to the Christmas market, our main reason for going to Brussels. I was on the hunt for a Christmas ornament to add to my collection. I found one, and it is large, it is one of the biggest ball ornaments I have seen, but they didn’t have any smaller ones that said Belgium or Brussels.

We were all exhausted after the Christmas markets and decided it was time to head back to Leuven. Cait informed me we would be having quesadillas because she knows I love them 🙂 Someone Annie knew from home was also going to be in Belgium for the night and she offered to let him stay with her so before we ate we headed back to the train station to get him. The minute we got back we dove in head first to all the yummy quesadillas and chocolate assortment that Tissy bought.

Saturday night we went out to all of the local places that everyone raved about. Our main goal was to get some glasses to bring home. I ended up getting one stella glass, a tall glass with some gold on it and another type of glass. I know Erin also got three. After awhile we were getting tired and decided to get some friites. Friites are fries, and in Belgium they put this sauce called Andalouse sauce. THEY WERE SO GOOOOOOD!!!

Saturday was a busy day and I am happy with all that we got accomplished, I wish that we had, had more time, but we didn’t. Our interesting travel Sunday will be updated tomorrow!!


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