Ohhh Belgium

Friday was one of the longest days of my entire life. It started bright pitch black and early at 6am, by the time we arrived in Leuven it was 5:30pm (with an hour time change). After wandering around like total tourists we finally ran into someone from Loyola. She had let me know Annie was wandering around on the tracks looking for us. We ventured back into the train station and I just called out her name until we finally saw each other. Because Annie didn’t know Erin was coming it was so cute to see her reaction, it has been far to long since we have all seen each other (that includes you Liz!). On our way back we saw a waffle stand and I knew I need to stop and have one. My goal of the trip was to eat lots of waffles, when in Belgium right? Anyways Cristina and I got a waffle with one scoop of Speculoos ice cream, one scoop hazelnut ice cream, and one scoop chocolate ice cream. It was delicious and of course I made a mess eating it.  Annie took us back to the Huis where everyone was waiting for us to arrive. I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time because I was going to see so many of my friends, I mean there are about 6 people from my floor last year all in Belgium together for the year!!

After saying hello to everyone and meeting a ton of new people we sat down in the kitchen to get started cooking. Cristina cleaned the chicken, Nicole cooked the chicken, Annie and Erin cut up veggies, Cait got all the groceries, and Nora made buff chix dip. It was a delicious meal of fajitas with good friends and the best conversations catching up. After much debate half the group decided to go out for the night and the other half stay in. I decided to stay in with Nora because I was exhausted. We played a round of bananagrams and I probably watched 5 minutes of The Notebook before I fell asleep.

Overall day 1 was amazing even after the ridiculous amount of traveling we ended up doing.

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