This past Saturday we went to Beamish as a group. Beamish is an open air museum located 20 minutes away from Newcastle. At first I wasn’t at all excited to go and didn’t even know if I wanted to go, but then I remembered the trip was free and I should take advantage of it. There was said to be an outdoor market there and I got extremely excited. One of my favorite things since I have been here is the outdoor markets. They are so neat and we don’t have anything like them at home. This little market was just that, little. There were four booths which didn’t contain much. We rode the tram around Beamish and took in all the sights. It was a cute little “town” where we could see how things were in the “olden” days. It actually reminded me a bit of Storyland. There was an old car shop, with lots of old cars, an old candy store, a post office and a couple other essential shops. Over all I think we spent about 2 hours in Beamish and that was the perfect amount of time. I am glad I went, but it isn’t some place I would take people who were coming to visit.

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PS I turn 21 in less the three months!!


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