Guadi is Amazing!

Saturday morning we planned to be out of the hostel by 8:30am….that didn’t happen! We finally made it out of the hostel (after waiting for cesco for 15 minutes) around 8:50. For those that were hungry we headed to a bakery called “Dino Pan” where everyone got really yummy looking croissants. I had a granola bar and wasn’t hungry so I didn’t purchase anything.

From the bakery we head to the metro to make our way to La Sagrada Familia. This is the cathedral designed by Guadi. The cathedral has been being built for the past 100 years and is still being worked on. There are a couple of different ideas for when it will be done; I’ve heard both 2025 and 2040. This cathedral was breath-taking; simply amazing! The architecture is nothing like anything I have ever seen. Gaudi had an interesting eye. This is one of the biggest touristy thing so we made sure we got there and spent a good amount of time looking around.

Next on our list of things to do was visit La Pedrera. Another building designed by Guadi. This building is an apartment complex which is a neat idea. I could never imagine saying to someone “Oh yeah I am living in the apartment Guadi designed.” After a quick coffee break we were on our way again.

This time we were headed to Park Guell. Yet again something designed by Guadi, this man was everywhere in Barcelona. This park was HUGE. It seemed to never end and the higher we walked up the better the view. From the top we could see La Sagrada Familia as well as all of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. When we were at La Sagrada Familia we bought tickets to go into the museum at Park Guell. This was a waste of money, it was his old house and it basically consumed three rooms. A bed room, an office, and a big living area. This wasn’t an actual museum at all it just had his old furniture and I spent roughly three minutes in it. Totally boring, someone in our group spent about 15 minutes and I’m not quite sure what they were doing in there.

Since our stomachs were all growling we headed back towards the metro and stopped at the first restaurant we saw. This wasn’t a spanishy restaurant per say, but there was some options. My friend Jenn and I split two personal sized pizzas; a four cheese pizza and a fish pizza. Each pizza was really good, but the four cheese pizza was so filling I couldn’t finish my portions. After lunch we were off again.

Stopping a couple of times to shop we finally made it to the metro and were headed towards Montjuic, which is a castle. To get to the castle we had to ride a gondola up the mountain to the top. As we rode we could see all of Barcelona and it was beautiful. We arrived at the top right around sun set so it made the view even more gorgeous. We took a bunch of pictures and then made our way down the gondola to see Barcelona at night, yet again an extremely nice view. Once we got to the bottom we made our way back to our hostel, but not before we walked in the wrong direction and stumbled upon the Olympic Stadium. The stadium is nothing special, just a big stadium that you can’t go into. While we were there inside there was a monster truck competition it was kinda cool.

We were all exhausted at this point and wanted a quick siesta before dinner so we headed back to the hostel. We were planning to eat dinner out at a nice Spanish restaurant so our hostel people called the restaurant, Can Majó, and let them know we were on our way since we were such a big group. I ended up ordering peeled shellfish paella with 6 other people at the table. This was the best thing I ate the entire time we were in Barcelona and I am so glad I got it. Some people got dessert, but I passed because I was so full. Yet again our group split up and half went to a club while the other half went back to the hostel. I was in the group that went back to the hostel and it was nice yet again to have a relaxing night just chatting with the people I was staying with.


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