A long day in Barcelona!

We had an early flight Friday morning to Barcelona and we landed in Spain around 1:30pm. We quickly made our way through customs, getting another stamp, and outside to catch the bus. The reason for taking the bus was so that we could see Barcelona on our way to the hostel. The bus dropped us off in the City Center and we walked about 20 minutes to our hostel. On our way we walked down a not so awesome street, but that is all part of travelling. We had some complainers, but Cristina was the only one who had done her homework and she was doing the best she could! THANKS CRISTINA! As soon as we arrived in our hostel we checked in and dropped our bags. The guys who run the hostel were extremely nice and very welcoming. They soon gave us maps of the city and circled all the must see spots as well as where to eat and go out at night. We had some idea of what we wanted to see because some of our friends had visited earlier in October.

As soon as we got the low down on Barcelona we headed out to lunch not far away. Paella was on everyone’s brain and is actually what we all ended up getting as well. I was extremely thirsty and wanted water, but apparently in Barcelona wine is cheaper than water. We saw this many times during the weekend. The paella was no the best, but it wasn’t horrible either.

Since we had arrived in the early afternoon we wanted to get a start on sightseeing right away. We made our way to the inside market that we had walked by earlier to grab a snack on our way. This market was absolutely amazing, it puts Grainger Market (the market in Newcastle) to shame! The market had so many fish and meat stands as well as cheese, nuts, candy, fruits, veggies and anything you can think of. I ended up getting some mango gelato and it was delicious. It had actual chunks of mango in it and it tasted so fresh. After the market we headed towards the cathedral.

The cathedral was beautiful, but I knew we had an even more amazing cathedral to see on Saturday. After taking lots of pictures we set out to find the Picasso Museum. After getting a little lost we made it to the museum an hour before it closed! It was really interesting to walk around and look at all the different pieces of art Picasso made, as well as his transformation as an artist himself. After my 10 minute museum attention span was up we all decided to make our way to the Magic Fountains. Basically these fountains go to a song and change color as well. The group split up and half of us walked to a museum and watched from above with a gorgeous view of the city. The city is really big so it was cool to see it from a higher spot and especially at night. After the Magic Fountains we were getting hungry so we headed back to the hostel for dinner (which was free).

Our hostel owners had made roasted potatoes, bruschetta, and pumpkin risotto. OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO YUMMMMY!!! We enjoyed getting to know some of the other people staying the hostel, most of which were America students studying abroad as well. After dinner we washed our dishes and headed to our rooms to decide the next plan. Most of our group went out to a pubish place called The Black Sheep. I had a headache and didn’t want to make it worse so I stayed in with my friend Kat and we had a good chat. Most of my friends said The Black Sheep was really fun and a great atmosphere, I am sad I missed a good time, but I know that I would have been miserable and that isn’t how I wanted to spend my time.

Saturdays recap is coming up tomorrow so keep your eyes open!


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