Day 2 in Paris

Sunday morning started out just like Saturday, we hit snooze and then finally got up. All five of us ate breakfast together though so that was nice. Once we were done we walked to the metro and headed towards the apartment the rest of our group was staying in. We left our bags there for the day and went out on our adventures.

Our first stop was Versailles. This place was beautiful and better yet it was FREE!! We grabbed audio tours and made our way through one wing of the palace. By the time we finished one wing we were ready to see the gardens and head back to the center of Paris. We still had stuff to do and we couldn’t spend all day there. The gardens were nice, but I think they would have looked way more beautiful in the summer time with flowers.

As we headed towards the train station we realized we were hungry so we looked for a cafe to eat at. We ended up finding a cute one, but the service was horrible and I wasn’t extremely happy with my meal. There were two American couples sitting next to us and it was funny to listen to their conversation. After lunch we headed out and saw some scarfs. We knew we wanted some scarfs from Paris and these seemed like a good price. I ended up getting three scarfs; one myself and two as gifts. We then headed back to Paris.

Once back in Paris Jenna, Erin, and I split away from Jenn and Julie as we headed out to find the Long Champ store. We ended up not being able to find it, but the stores around the area were all closed because it was Sunday. After walking around the Champ Elysees we hopped on a metro back towards the Sacré-Coeur. We headed there for souvenirs. I ended up buying another scarf and not being able to find anything for Thomas. We got our final crepe and made our way back to the apartment to meet up with everyone and head to the airport. Erin and I had been told that there was a store that sold Long Champs in the airport so we made it our mission to get some. We ended up hitting the jackpot! We each bought two small-sized bags; one for ourselves and one for our moms. We got a great deal, we paid a little over the price of one for TWO! It was over all a successful trip. I had loads of fun, saw amazing sites, and got some great souvenirs. We made it back to Newcastle by 10pm, hopped on a metro and were back in our rooms by 10:45pm, this trip home was much easier than our trip back from Cork!


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