I love crepes

We had planned to get up super early on Saturday to get a head start on our day. I ended up turning off alarm and turning it back on for 8:00am instead of 7:00am. We didn’t know it at the time, but this would be perfect because the bus tour we were going to do didn’t even start until 9:30am. I had decided before going to Paris that I was going to do a bus tour. I figured I wouldn’t have to pay for transportation, it was hop-on hop-off so I could get off where ever I wanted, it had an audio guide, and four different routes that I could get on. I believe every penny spent on that bus tour was completely worth it.
Jenna, Erin, and I got down to breakfast around 8:30am and were excited to have coffee, a chocolate croissant, and a baguette. I didn’t eat my baguette, but I most certainly had that chocolate croissant and that cup of coffee. I have been drinking tea like it is my business in England so it was nice to have coffee. When we were done we bought tickets for the bus tour at our hostel and made our way to the stop closest to us, which ended up being a 5 minute walk away, talk about being perfect. We waited 20 minutes for the bus to come (at the time we didn’t know it started at 9:30) pushed our way to the front of the line, and booked it to the top of the bus.
We rode the bus for about 30 minutes until the yellow line met up with the teal line, which was the Paris Grand Tour route. Hopped on that bus and rode it a couple of stops away to the Louvre. Our first hop off. We had heard that the Louvre was free if you had your student visa with you so we got in for free which was really nice. Since Erin, Jenna, and I aren’t huge museum people we quickly made our way to The Mona Lisa and then to Venus. We walked around a little bit, but didn’t spend a large amount of time in museum…we had other things we wanted to see! As soon as we walked out of the Louvre we saw our Tour Bus and ran. I am not joking when I say ran either, we did quite a bit of that to get to the tour bus. We made it on, but couldn’t get a seat on the top so we sat in the bottom for the two stop trip we had until we reached Notre Dame.
We spent a good amount in Notre Dame admiring the stained glass windows and the beautiful architecture. Erin was a little upset we didn’t get to hear the bell ring or see it. While I was in the cathedral I lit a candle and put in a donation, a guy standing next to me lit a candle dripped the wax all over the place and lit the cover on the candle on fire. All the plastic burned off because of the huge flame. After we were done we once again saw the bus and needed to run while we dodged the pigeons that fly extremely close to your head. From Notre Dame we rode all the way to the Arc.
The Arc de Triomphe was beautiful. We were told that it was free for a student to climb to the top, but that was false. We ended up having to pay 6 euro, but the view was awesome. The Eiffel Tower looked so small because of the distance between the two places. On our way down we stopped in the gift shop, I saw an ornament that I really wanted to get, but didn’t want to carry it around with me and I figured I would be able to find another. I was wrong, apparently no where in Paris sells Christmas ornaments except for the gift shops in the middle of things (ex. Eiffel Tower and Arc). Have no fear some of our friends went on Sunday so I gave them money and they retrieved my ornament! I was a little sad I wouldn’t be able to get an ornament there. As soon as we were done in the Arc we knew we needed to get to the Eiffel Tower ASAP because our tickets to the top were only 45 minutes away.
We got on the bus and were on our way. We bought our tickets ahead of time so we didn’t have to wait in line which was really helpful and within 15 minutes we were on our way to the top. We took an elevator to the second floor got out and looked around, then made our way to the elevator to the top. The sights were amazing, we were so high up and it was so neat. We spent about 45 minutes at the top just looking around, taking pictures, and chatting. Once we got back down to the bottom we made our way to the south side to take pictures with the entire tower in them and then it was crepe time. Jenna hadn’t had a crepe yet so Erin and I took her to the place Mary took us. We enjoyed our crepes and waited for the rest of our group to get down from the top. The tower started sparkling and Jenna freaked. She was exactly how I was on Friday night and it was nice to see someone else react the same way.
Once the rest of our group was down we headed to a restaurant close by for some dinner, three people of the group got escargot and it was very interesting. I ended up getting a ham and cheese omelet because who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner. Julie got the veal and it looked SO good. After dinner I wanted to get ice cream and some of the group wanted to get crepes. I had remembered seeing a place that had soft serve and crepes so we went there. I was asking if they had strawberries for their crepes, because the other place didn’t, and I heard the most amazing thing ever. The man told me I could have a chocolate and strawberry crepe WITH ice cream on top. OH MY GOD I PEED MY PANTS AND WENT TO HEAVEN. It was so good and so expensive, but hey one time isn’t going to hurt anyone. As we were eating our crepes the sparkling tower went off again and it was magical. As soon as we finished our crepes we made our way back to our hostel dropped of anything we had and walked up to the Sacre de Cour. It was closed when we got there, but apparently people go up there to hang out. There was a guy singing and playing the guitar and people just taking in the view and hanging out everywhere. It was really relaxing and enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “I love crepes

  1. OMG – I would LOVE to have done what you did in Paris!!!!!!!! That’s the real way to see such a fabulous city. Next time!!!!! Jumping on and off the bus is definitely the way to go….seeing everything!!!!! Love ya!!!!! XXXXXX000000

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