First Night in Paris!

I cannot believe I spent this last weekend in Paris. HOLY SMOKES! My flight left Newcastle around 4:45 Friday afternoon and by 7:00pm Paris time we had arrived. The flight was smooth and as soon as I started reading my book I couldn’t put it down. And no it was not the book I should have been reading for lit class it was a book I started reading before I left and never finished. Anyway back to Paris. I had made plans with my friend Mary to meet up at her hotel after I got settled in. We had originally decided on 9pm, that wasn’t happening. For some reason it took us forever to actually get on the train and make our way to the train station closest to our hostel. Once we got to the train station it wasn’t long before we were checking in.
Our hostel was extremely cute and on a street with a couple other hostels. It was about a 10-minute walk from Sacre de Cour. We got settled in and made our way to the metro station. I’m glad I printed out direction or we would have been walking around for a while. Thanks to Mary, Erin and I didn’t even have to think about how to get to her, she sent me directions and after buying our tickets it was a walk in the park. We decided to split a book of 10 tickets so we wouldn’t have to buy any tickets throughout the weekend. It ended up working out really well and we only had to buy tickets for our last metro and train ride.
Finally at 10:30pm we met up with Mary and Brandon. I was so happy to see a friend it reminded me how much I miss all my friends from home and Loyola. Mary read my mind and knew that I would want a crepe ASAP. So we started walking and about 5 seconds later I saw it. It being the EIFFEL TOWER!! It was lit up and amazing. I know I was acting like a kid at Christmas like I just got the best gift ever, but it was just so cool. Their hotel was only a 15-minute walk away from the Eiffel Tower so in no time we were there with crepe in hand. I got a nutella banana crepe and it was heavenly (not the best one I had).
About 5 minutes after we got there something amazing happened, the tower started sparkling. Apparently every hour on the hour for five minutes the tower sparkles. Yet again I had a minor freak out…seriously it was just so cool. We also ran into Mary’s roommate from Copenhagen, which was neat. After about an hour Erin and I decided we would head back to our hostel and let Mary and Brandon go to bed because they had such an early flight the next day. I was so excited to see Mary it has been too long and I wish I could see her more often. Too bad Copenhagen is so expensive; I would be there in a heartbeat. Erin and I made it back to the hostel and got ready for bed. You know that book I couldn’t put down on the plane; yeah I finished that in about half an hour of reading once I got back. Now I need to find a new book, and a place to connect my Kindle to wireless because it doesn’t work on campus. Day 2 and 3 of Paris to come later this week.


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