Gym Update!

So I am currently trying to write an outline for a paper that I will never write for my theology class. Seems like a big fat waste of time to me, but my teacher thinks it’s a good idea to research a topic, make an outline and never actually write a paper on the topic. Awesomeeee, so instead after staring at pages and pages on the topic of Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder I am taking a break to fill you all in on my gym experiences recently.

As I said earlier I got a membership to a gym in town. I have been very loyal to the gym and usually make it three times a week. This past week was not one of those weeks unfortunately. I only ended up making it to the gym a total of one times this week. A little depressing, but I got really busy with a paper due on Tuesday, questions on a 5 page article for a seminar on Thursday, and trying to write my theology outline which is due yesterday. I wanted to get everything done and out of the way for when I went to Paris (that to come later this week!).

So even though I slacked on the gym this week I have been using a new app that Bess first talked about on her blog. Nike Training Club (NTC) is absolutely amazing. Seriously I cannot say enough about it, when I am in a pinch for a workout and not quite sure what to do I go straight to the app. There are so many different options, but my absolute favorites so far are the ab burner and the butt buster.

Each of those was 15 minutes long, and intense. I could feel it in my glutes the whole next day, let me tell you walking up the stairs was a little difficult. It reminded me of times I would come home from bootcamp and not be able to walk up the stairs as my dad would sit in his recliner cackling at me as I hobbled around. The ab burner is just as intense; Russian twists and crazy Ivans get me every time.

I have also been trying to get back into running regularly, but my knee has been bothering me a lot recently and I don’t want to push it to far. I took a week off from running two weeks ago and just walked, but when I got on the treadmill to walk last week it started bothering me again. I guess the treadmill is just no good, I am going to say being at an incline doesn’t help either. I guess I will drop the incline when walking and see what happens. My mom told me Elizabeth and Thomas will be running in a 5k at Thanksgiving with our Uncle and to say I’m jealous is an understatement. I loved running my first 5k and can’t wait to run another. I have been looking up races for the spring, but haven’t really found any. I am going to keep looking though, who knows maybe I can get my cross country/track running cousin (ehem Christopher) to find one for me and then run with me. Even though he will most likely be like Thomas who leaves me in the dust within the first five minutes. Hey it’s not fair I got the short end of the stick (the short legs) the kid is like 12 feet tall. This week I am striving for a solid three days at the gym!


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