All I want for Christmas is….

I am going to sound like such a little brat right now. For anyone who is lucky enough to read the blog guess what, you now get to read my christmas list. The main reason for this being I didn’t have anything to post about today and needed a filler. I know some of these gift ideas are to the extreme, but guess what…I’M OVER IT!

Dear Santa,

This year for christmas I would really like…

1. Kindle gift card (so I don't spend all the money I have on books)

2. The new Kindle Fire

3. A new pair of running sneakers

4. A donut pan

5. Frosting tips for cake decoration

6. New ski boots

7. New snowpants

8. A curling wand

9. A silpat

Ready for the biggest most outrageous two

10. A Canon EOS Rebel XSi /450D


That is basically my rough draft christmas list, I am sure I could actually use something like my text books for next semester. But I guess that could also fall under the Kindle gift card category, now I can get all my books on there!! I have figured out the perfect plan. If someone gets me the Kindle Fire I will swap them the Kindle I bought this summer. Also if someone gets me the amazing Kitchenaid mixer I will bake them a years supply of baked goods. And the camera, I’ll be the official photo taker at all events. Well that is all I want for christmas oh and I guess to actually be home for christmas. I am mildly afraid of being stuck here because of the snow!! OH AND I’M ON MY WAY TO PARIS!! Check in next week for my recap and hope you all enjoyed me being a super brat with my christmas list!


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