Cork: Part 2

Sunday we woke up with Blarney Castle on our minds. We knew since we were in Cork we would have to see something cultural so Blarney it was. We hopped on a 12:15 bus to Blarney. As soon as we got into the town we headed towards the castle in our big group.

When we got to the castle we found an entrance to the dungeon, so of course we climbed crawled to the end of it. It was unreal to think that people were actually kept in there at one point. It was so small in there, there was only about 5 feet where you could actually stand up straight.

After we climbed out we headed into the castle to find the stone! After multiple steps we finally made our way to the top. Since there was a huge group of us I had to wait a while to actually get to the stone. I am an idiot and when it was my turn at the stone, I actually closed my eyes so I didn’t get to see how the Blarney Stone was a different color, but I did kiss the stone and I bought the picture. You can’t see my face in the picture, but its just knowing that I did it! Erin actually caught a picture of me kissing it which was nice.

After kissing the stone we slowly went back down the stairs and made our way into the town. The town was extremely cute and there were little stores everywhere. We went to the Blarney Mill to find Erin a sweater. I ended up getting a navy blue and green stripped rugby and some gifts for the boys. Erin and I were starving when we finished shopping so we hopped on a bus (which just happened to be leaving five minutes later) and made our way back to Cork. Since there were street vendors out on Saturday we decided to hit up the vendors to get some lunch. I realllllly wanted a crepe but Erin reminded me we would be in Paris next weekend and I should wait and get one there so instead I got a sausage. It was delicious and Erin got the pad tai noodle, which was also really yummy. We searched the street vendors for something fun, but came up empty handed which probably was good considering the amount of money we had already spent. Our last stop in Cork was the hot chocolate store again, this time I only got a milk and white chocolate hot chocolate and it was even better than the first one. Erin got a dark chocolate espresso and it was really nice but with a kick!

At 6:15 we got in cabs to go to the airport for our 8:15 flight. We checked in and proceeded to go to security. Some of our tickets would scan and some didn’t. Whoever had a ticket that didn’t scan had to go get a new one, where we were then informed that our flight had been rerouted to Shannon because of the fog and at 7:30 a shuttle would bring us the two hour journey to Shannon.

We arrived in Shannon at 9:30 and our flight out was at 10:30, because we were the last flight flying that night we breezed through security. Our plane finally took off and we arrived back in Newcastle around 12:15. Since it was to late to take the metro (it stops running at midnight) we had to take a cab back to campus. It was a long day to say the least, but we made it back and that is what matters. Now I am just looking forward to Paris on Friday! We all booked our ticket to the top of the Eiffel Tower for 3:30 on Saturday!





2 thoughts on “Cork: Part 2

  1. Soooooo glad you had such a great weekend AND kissed the Blarney Stone!!!!!!
    I’m thrilled that you’re going to the TOP of the Eiffel Tower!!!!!!! Wished I’d been able to! The 2nd level just doesn’t cut it – altho the others were happy with that! Take a picture from underneath the tower looking up thru the ironwork!!!!! It’s terrific!!! Love ya!!!!

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