Cork: Part 1

Hellllllo Everyone! First off, sorry about the late post. I ran out of time yesterday to write one up and have been busy all day today!! So to recap my wonderful weekend in Cork with Siobhan.

I arrived around 5:30ish Friday night with the rest of the Newcastle group. We went to a pizza place to get a quick dinner and then hit the grocery store for some last minute beverages for everyone. Friday night was spent getting to know everyone from Cork and having a good time.

Saturday we woke up around 10 and waited for everyone else to get up and get ready. Around 1pm we set out to find some lunch. We ended up at a cute little restaurant. I ordered the chicken tikka wrap, but I asked for it not to be spicy. The food was really good and the price wasn’t bad at all.

After lunch we were on a mission to find Kelsey a new camera because hers had broken the night before. Once that was situated we headed to the most amazing place in the entire world, O’Conaill Chocolate. Since the minute we arrived in Cork we were told that the hot chocolate was AMAZING there. Kelsey suggested getting the regular dark, milk, and white hot chocolate. Can you believe it a triple threat hot chocolate? Oh my gosh it was so flipping good! They even give you like chocolate candies on the side and they were really yummy.

After the hot chocolate we made our way back to Siobhan’s room where we hung out for the rest of the day. Around 9pm we ventured upstairs to hangout with everyone before they went out and then we ended up going to bed early. It was really nice to just stay in and hang out and go to bed early. Seeing Siobhan made me realize how much I miss my friends from Loyola even though I am loving Newcastle and all of my new friends!

I’ll leave Cork at that for now and tomorrow there will be a Cork part 2!!


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